Leather Care

Maeso Vegetable Tanned Leather Women Shoes Loafer


Just like us, leather needs proper care and maintenance to keep them look new, age gracefully and last for many years.

For the most professional and tailored care for your shoes, it’s best to bring your leather shoes to a cobbler before first wear and on a regular basis.

Otherwise, here's a guide to care for your leather shoes at home too:

  • To make the leather more water resistant, you may use the Saphir Medailler d’Or 1925 Super Invulner Waterproof Spray or alike, which leaves a waterproof protective layer on the surface. Re-spray it every month to help keep the leather protected!
  • If your leather shoes get wet, pat dry the surface with paper towels, stuff in some loose paper and let it air dry in room temperature (away from direct sunlight).
  • If your leather surface seems dry, we recommend using either the Saphir Crème Universelle Leather Balm or Saphir Crème Delicate every few months to clean, nourish and maintain its leather suppleness. Do note that its color may darken slightly with moisture that is natural.

As a general rule, switch between your shoes daily and allows it to air dry at room temperature at intervals. For carry and go, make sure to pack your leather shoes in the MAESO shoe bag for convenience and care!

With time, vegetable tanned leather will change naturally, and marks may appear to develop a unique patina that is one of its kind.


Maeso Leather Care for Vegetable Tanned Leather Women Shoes